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school readiness and kindergarten preparation

Welcome to B4 Big School  

The school readiness spcialists & primary school tutors 

Located in Campbelltown


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Your goals are important to us!

school readiness specialists and primary school tutors

We have been supporting the children's transition to Kindergarten & the Primary School students since 2017.

We support the children's preparation for Kindergarten, ensuring the children obtain THE BEST START.

We also support the primary school years, ensuring the students obtain greater confidence to achieve and excel...


Welcome to B4 big school. We are delighted to introduce to you our Interactive tutoring services. We are passionate about providing a positive, nurturing high-quality face-to-face teaching experience at your child's level which your child will love. Ms Nadia, is one of the main educators at B4 big school, having over 

19 years of experience in teaching within a combination of Early Childhood & Primary School settings. Along with the team of educators which also have a combination of relevant skills and qualifications and most important enjoy working with young children. Learn more about the team - visit our about page. 

Our Programs


School Readiness & Creative Arts

Primary School Tutoring K - 4 

School Holiday Workshops

Face to Face teaching matters!

Is your child ready for kindergarten or is struggling in the kindergarten classroom? We have something for everyone!

School readiness checklist

Important factors to consider

Feeling safe & secure 

At B4 big school, it all starts with supporting the children's wellbeing. We help the children learn to regulate their emotions and support their speech by helping them become more effective communicators, if children/students can learn to express themselves well then we can certainly build those important connections which will allow us to work comfortably together. We aren't just about academics, a nourishing environment will have a greater impact. 

Building resilience & greater confidence

At B4 big school, the children/students are involved and engaged learners. They learn the importance of starting and finishing off tasks/activities (we usually discuss the learning outcomes with the children, we explain why we are teaching certain things) and eventually they want to become independent learners because they are learning how to. This is usually the result once the children gain greater confidence.

fruit break B4 big school

Independence & familiarity with the Big school routine

At B4 big school, we do encourage parents to pack a piece of fruit and water bottle especially during the 2 hour school readiness program, this is aimed at supporting the children's transition to Kindergarten and supporting their well being. This is not only important for the pre-kindy children but sometimes for many of our students, this can also be a source of comfort even for the primary school students and we respect that. 

Respect at B4 big school
Happy learners B4 big school

Respectful, safe happy learners

At B4 big school, we encourage the children to refer to everyone at the centre as our friend. We teach the children how to make a friend, through the use of story books, story telling through role play and by demonstrating positive behaviours as educators with one another. We also remind the children that during play and at all times, it is important to keep our hands to our selves, rather we use our words not our hands. We always resort to using positive reinforcement to ensure that we are encouraging positive behaviours and guess what....It always works!!

Disrespectful behaviours have never been tolerated at B4 big school from either side (educators/families or children). We have an open communication policy to ensure that everyone is aware of this.   

The 2hour & 1hour School Readiness Programs/Sessions, focus on building the early foundation academics - LITERACY - NUMERACY & CREATIVITY (SOCIAL SKILLS);

Alphabet letter awareness, Phonics, Handwriting, Number work, Creative arts (we rotate each week, (NEWS - MUSIC & MOVEMENT- ROLE PLAY & ART & CRAFT).

This program supports the children's social skills, helping them learn how to make friends, gain greater confidence and most importantly building their attention span.

Overall, we want to support the young children's wellbeing to ensure a smooth transition for Kindergarten, helping the children and their families manage their separation anxiety, becoming less overwhelmed in new surroundings.

Our overall school readiness program also supports speech delay and much more!

The 1hour Primary School Tutoring Program/sessions focus on;

Our goal is to help the the individual students to become confident learners in order to achieve greater things and excel at school.

We believe everyone is capable and we want the students to have this mindset too!

April School Holiday Workshops  

Creative Arts - your child will take home their masterpiece.

 Creative Arts - Literacy & Numeracy.

Choose both as it creates a balance between fun and learning.

It was a blast!!!

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School holiday workshop

July School Holiday Workshop is coming up....

Now Taking Enrolments for all programs!
Don't delay, your child needs to feel confident. 

Are you worried about your child not being able to cope at school? We are here to help!


Does your child have an entrance exam coming up? We can help prepare your child!

School Readiness orientation visits are welcome!
Book your 20min visit today and bring your child along to discover what we are all about.

If your child finds it hard to settle in a new environment, please feel welcome to book in for an orientation visit for ages

3.5 - 6years (Pre-kindy- School Readiness). This is usually a 20min visit. Otherwise, you can book in your child's sessions for the Term by simply contacting us via email with your request or by phone. 

You can submit an enquiry here or email us or contact us

02 4627 3153

Thanks for submitting your enquiry. We will be in touch shortly!

"We also believe that every child is after a challenge and the pre-school years are rather an important chapter of every child's life."

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We invite you and your child to take part into our coaching/learning journey. 

Tutoring programs in Maths and English for Years 1-6, are relevant to the Australian National Curriculum and tailored to your specific goals.

At B4 big school, we deliver several Programs

Pre-kindy school readiness Ages 3.5 - 6years
Focusing on Phonics- Name writing - Number and letter recognition- social skills and much more.

Primary school tutoring Ages 4.5-10.5years
Focusing on Maths & English - spelling - reading and writing.

School holiday workshops Ages 4.5-10.5years
Focusing on Creative Arts in the 1st hour followed by 2hrs of
Maths & English related learning.

"Feeling supported helps the children achieve greater confidence. This then enables them to want to do so much more."

primary school tutoring


school readiness
Primary school tutoring
Primary school tutoring

More reviews can be found on google 

Shop 3 42-44 Queen St Campbelltown NSW 2560

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