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Learning Pod

About Us....

Our unique approach, interactive program and specialised educators is what differentiates B4 big school

Since 2017, our one-of-a-kind tutoring centre supports  individual child's learning journey and growth. We support ages 3.5 to 10.5 years depending on the program chosen.

We are proud to be a reliable source of support, compassion, patience and understanding - understanding the different ways in which children/students learn and tailoring for this.

Our goal is to work together with parents and children to offer a successful transition to Kindergarten as well as helping the students through their primary school years not only through their academics but by also supporting their social skills & wellbeing.

Our Programs


School Readiness & Creative Arts
Primary School Tutoring K - 4 
School Holiday Workshops

"​At B4 big school, there's lots of opportunities for the development of social skills through; group based learning, conversations taking place, sharing (resources) and most importantly feeling as part of a team or part of the B4 big school family."

Session Days & Times

Wednesday 2hr Midday Session is opening soon!
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Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday- Thursday 9:15am - 11:15am

School Readiness Tutoring/coaching sessions include; Early Foundation skills - Literacy & Numeracy - Creative Arts (News- Art & Craft - Music and Movement- supporting social skills).

Saturday 9:30-10:30am

School Readiness - Kindergarten - Year 1 - Tutoring /coaching sessions include; Early Foundation skills - Literacy & Numeracy - Creative Arts (News- Art & Craft - Music and Movement).


Saturday 10:40 -11:40

Year 2- Year 5

Tuesday 3:50pm-4:50pm

Pre-Kindy - School Readiness - Kindergarten to year 1 - students are grouped separately according to year level.


Tuesday 5:00pm-6:00pm

Year 2 to year 5 (students are grouped separately according to year level)

Pre -Kindy to Year 5 tutoring /coaching sessions are based on a small group setting of 2-4 students, 

depending on the students learning abilities

What makes our program different and effective?

Most importantly our program is quite hands on, the warm up activities we provide make the learning fun and support the different types of learners;

  • Visual learners.

  • Auditory learners.

  • Kinaesthetic (or hands-on) learners.

  • Reading and writing learners.

Playing with Letters
Screenshot 2023-12-26 at 3.35.07 pm.png

School Readiness Tutoring/Coaching

We focus on preparing the children for their big kindergarten journey in every aspect.


Not only academical readiness but also, emotional readiness and social readiness! As this plays a huge role in the children's future years at school.


Phonics - word building handwriting - Number recognition 0-20.

Creative Arts

We have also embedded Creative Arts within the program (we rotate between art & craft based activities/New/Music and movement), with the focus on supporting fine motor skills, creativity, building problem solving skills, social skills and learning to regulate their emotions (music & movement program highly supports this).

This program was mainly designed to help the children build a love for learning as they will find our program not only beneficial buy also quite enjoyable

Screenshot 2023-12-25 at 1.19.40 pm.png

Primary School Tutoring/Coaching

We focus on Spelling strategies +

- writing simple to more complex sentences

-Reading & comprehension Strategies

- Writing (exploring various texts

- Recounts

- Information Reports

- Persuasive

- Descriptive writing

- Summary writing).

Number work, addition using more than 2 digits, number patterns, times tables, division as well as exploring the various strands of Maths.


We also focus on supporting the students in gaining greater confidence with their learning by simply taking them to their next level of learning.

Furthermore, our main goal is to help the students to be able to continue to be self driven and know that they can complete tasks on their own. We need to remind them that they just need to put in extra effort.


The main message is that revision is fun as it makes things achievable and the results = Competent & Confident learners.

Learning to Read_edited.jpg

 The B4 Big School Team


Ms Zoe

Miss Salwa

Ms Nadia

Ms Sanjala

Ms Rana

Ms Barbara

Our team has a diverse skillset offering
passionate - caring & nurturing qualities

​Our qualifications 

A combination of skills & Qualifications is what makes an outstanding team.


  • Speech & Hearing

  • Psychology 

  • Certificate III in Education Support 

  • Diploma of Children's Services

  • Bachelor of Early Childhood Education & Care & Bachelor of Primary Education 

Educators Experience 

Ms Nadia has over 19 years of combined teaching experience (Early Childhood & Primary School)  


Ms Sanjala has been a part of the B4 big school team for 4 years.

Ms Rana - 3 years

Miss Zoe - 2 years 

Miss Salwa - 2 years 

Ms Barbara - 1 year

Ms Raita - 1 year


It's those positive little things that you tell your dear children that will help them to continue to flourish so please continue to praise every bit of effort!

"Give your child the opportunity to be part of a program which will allow them to flourish and grow!"

The learning support is fostered with the help of our caring and passionate educators at B4 big school.


Our team provides the place and space for personal growth, supporting most importantly each child's attention span, learning the basic early foundation skills, which leads to building greater confidence into the your child's most important school year....(Kindergarten - big school can be a sensitive period for your child).


Some students still find the first few years of primary school a bit of a struggle so they need a bit of push or some support. We further aim to teach the students to learn and understand how to study and how to stay motivated. We want them to understand that YES, they can eventually complete tasks on their own.


At B4 big school, we also acknowledge that sometimes the students have a STRENGTH in one area of learning and a NEED with another area of learning and our attitude towards the students is the following. "This is okay, we can work on this together, and you will get there!" 

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