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Our Programmes

The 2hour & 1hour School Readiness Programs/Sessions
A focus on building the early foundation academics
Alphabet letter awareness, Phonics, Handwriting, Number work, Creative arts
(we rotate each week, (NEWS - MUSIC & MOVEMENT- ROLE PLAY & ART & CRAFT).


This program supports the children's social skills, helping them learn how to make friends, gain greater confidence and most importantly building their attention span.


Overall, we want to support the young children's wellbeing to ensure a smooth transition for Kindergarten, helping the children and their families manage their separation anxiety, becoming less overwhelmed in new surroundings.


Our overall school readiness program also supports speech delay and much more!

The 1hour Primary School Tutoring Program/sessions focus on;LITERACY & NUMERACY LEARNING.


Our goal is to help the the individual students to become confident learners in order to achieve greater things and excel at school.We believe everyone is capable and we want the students to have this mindset too!

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