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The days of the week | The very hungry caterpillar | Pre-kindy learning

This video has been designed to support the children in learning their days of the week through story time....using prop to role play (the very hungry caterpillar as the main character), it also focuses on encouraging the children to eat their fruit rather than eat too much junk food, further-more teaching the children the lifecycle of the butterfly.

I've also specifically started this video with the morning/greetings song, demonstrating respect and love towards friends and family, also supporting the children's feelings, how do you feel today?....This is used as a warm transition into the next part of the session. Ending the story time with the days of the week song, giving the children the opportunity to share their big and small voices to express themselves as they learn the days of the week with Miss Nadia.

Subconsciously the children are being prepared for their Kindergarten transition as they learn to sit, listen, engage and share their thoughts, during circle/floor time. Helping them becoming aware of what day it is today and what day tomorrow will be? This makes the week much more interesting as the children will learn to become more familiar with their week. You can visit the B4 big school website to find out more about what we do and the essential resources we provide to support the early years.

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