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Supporting early foundation Literacy Skills 

Exposing children to storybooks and engaging them with the story and the characters

child working on writing

Teaching the children early comprehension skills so they can connect with the text and gain a deeper understanding

Teaching phonics with the aim to build early literacy/reading foundation skills as we teach them to read their first words CVC & SIGHT WORDS using creative teaching styles to gain their engagement 

Read, read, read, please remind your child to read daily. Regardless of how much they are struggling, they will get there, it is all about practice & revision. 

We use very interesting ways of supporting Spelling, we refer to this as spelling strategies. Remind your primary school aged child to think about How many syllables the word has

How many letters a word has

How many sounds they can hear?

Any blends/digraphs? 

Then watch their growth....

Please head to our programmes page or content to find out more about our programmes and services.

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