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Learning Resources

We Support the children throughout the activities so that they see the final product as finishing off tasks/activities is a great achievement. We also aim to teach children to take pride in their designs/artwork. At times we display their artwork on the Wow Wall or on our special display table. 

teacher showing fingers

We use Creative Teaching Methods to engage the children and empower them as they gain greater confidence. Below are some more learning resources.

Creative Arts and Hands on learning activities support problem solving skills for both the foundation (Pre-school) years and the primary school years.

Working as part of a team (through group based activities), as they learn to share with their peers.

Using language to communicate needs, through the social skills based activities (News- Creative Arts- Art & Craft). These activities are aimed at encouraging the children to learn to ask for help or say I am not sure what to do next or eventually be able to speak and share their (NEWS) in front of their peers.

Numeracy - Number Work doesn't have to be overwhelming - Use lots of visuals/resources and remember, it is all about practice

Learning to count using creative teaching methods which engage the young learner stimulating the mind and connecting with their senses learning through play...Let's count how many stones you have now let's check the numbers on the rocks, can you help me build a tower using this many blocks....

Let's share 6 lollies with 3 friends. There were 5 fish in the pond and 2 swam away, how many are left? Using a physical object to teach this is the best method.

There are 2 friends eating ice-cream and 2 more come to join them. How many altogether now? Or let's use the number chart, find number 2 and count on 2 more, physically pointing with our magic wand helps the children be able to follow your teaching...

Please use some of these methods/resources to help support your child's learning journey and you will begin to see great results. Otherwise, we are ready to teach your child.  

We do much more at B4 big school!

Hand writing - supporting the children in using the correct pincer grip to form neater letters and number formation/handwriting.

Number recognition & learning - which number comes first from

0-20 and backwards 20-0

Some children will begin early addition before they head to Kindergarten. They will use objects to learn addition 

Learning to recognise the alphabet letters in lowercase and uppercase. Learning the sound each letter makes (phonics) with the intention to help the children learn to form simple words.

We use various engaging activities to practice learning letters & sounds

Draw for me how many fingers you can see me holding up

Most importantly through the use of our resources/services we offer self growth and a love for learning

"We teach the students to build the courage to raise their hand and ask for help so that they are not falling behind."

Use visuals as teaching aids to support your child's learning techniques.

Place the 100's chart behind your child's bedroom door and encourage them to skip count from a random number using the same pattern...  eg. 36 - 46- 56 Ask your child, can you see the pattern? What is happening to the first digit of the ones?


Place a times table chart behind your child's bedroom door and ask your child to focus on practicing one set of times tables each fortnight, ask them to say them in order reading each set from the beginning to the end and repeat this process at least x3 times....3x1= 3x2=3x4= and so forth....

Have fun teaching!!!

The power of Story Time

Story time is part of the school readiness program (The last 5 mins of the session). 

We also encourage parents to support their primary schoolers to read daily even if it's only for 10 mins, ask them to read aloud as it is easier to decode and have someone nearby to support them by encouraging them to blend parts of a word - using syllables and other spelling strategies.

We highly support reading 

in the first 5-10mins of the primary school tutoring/coaching sessions 

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