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Is it important to have some form of control over your child's screen time?

Updated: Jun 10

Do you feel that it is important to ensure it was always a safe screen time?

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The effects of too much screen time takes so much away from the children's precious time as we may already know, many children don't have much control over their time.


Take some control over the screen time and help your child understand that there's other important and fun things that we need to participate in during the day. Screen time is destroying the children's neuron's as research has stated over and over again. When we give them too much screen time, we have literally robbed them off child related activities. Please get more involved if you haven't already done so especially in checking if they are engaged in safe screen time.

Engage by asking questions and demonstrating interest in your child's online interactions and content consumption is a crucial step in fostering open communication and understanding in today's digital age. By showing genuine curiosity about what they are engaging with online, you not only stay informed about their interests but also create an opportunity to discuss important topics such as online safety and responsible digital citizenship.

Practicing role-playing various scenarios that may arise during screen time is an effective way to prepare your child for unexpected situations online. By simulating different scenarios together, you can help them develop critical thinking skills and empower them to make informed decisions when faced with challenges or risks while using digital devices.

Brainstorming strategies to handle different scenarios during screen time can equip your child with the tools they need to navigate the online world safely and responsibly. By discussing potential solutions together, you can build their problem-solving skills and boost their confidence in managing digital interactions effectively.

Maintaining a balanced schedule during the holidays is essential for promoting overall well-being and healthy habits. Creating a visual timetable outlining activities for the week, including safe screen time, creative projects, physical activities, and nutritious meals, can help establish a sense of routine and structure while allowing for flexibility and fun.

While it may be challenging initially to implement these guidelines, staying firm and consistent in your approach is key to setting clear boundaries and promoting healthy screen time habits. By prioritizing open communication, proactive planning, and positive reinforcement, you can create a supportive environment that encourages responsible digital behavior and fosters a harmonious balance between online and offline activities.


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