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If your child is 18months- 2years old and they haven't yet started communicating, should you be slightly worried?

The earlier we start communicating with our children the earlier we can help them build and develop their vocabulary. Usually between 18months - 2years children can say 1-2 words some even start forming 2-3 words/short sentences. In some cases regardless of how much time and effort parents spend in giving their children quality time, they may still find that their child is struggling with their speech. This may not necessary mean that their child has a speech delay, it may be related to hearing loss or an unknown sinus blockage, (pease visit a child Chiropractor - an outstanding natural healing- I call it :-) ) or other forms of neurological/developmental delays. The sooner we address these health related matters the sooner we can support the child. At B4 big school, we have an open communication policy regarding the children's development. If we notice anything which stands out, we will keep you informed. Sometimes parents aren't always aware of the relevant ages and stages milestones and unless we share this information and have meaningful discussions, the children could be missing out on years of being able to communicate. They will eventually catch up, because we have seen this happen but whey waste time. Also, the more they are engaged in child-related settings the more that they are able to build on their speech, especially if they need to catch up on years of language being missed. Helpful environments; Playgroups-team based sports-tutoring group based sessions and much more group based environments can support your child's speech. Don't Delay!!!

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