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Did you feel that it was important over these holidays to have some form of control over your child's screen time? Also do you feel that it is important to ensure it was always a safe screen time?

The effects of too much screen time takes so much away from the children's precious time as we may already know, many children don't have much control over their time. WE NEED TO TAKE SOME FORM OF CHARGE!! :-) Take some control over the screen time and help your child understand that there's other important and fun things that we need to participate in during the day. Screen time is destroying the children's neuron's as research has stated over and over again. When we give them too much screen time, we have literally robbed them off child related activities. Please get more involved if you haven't already done so especially in checking if they are engaged in safe screen time. As questions, get involved and ensure that you show some form of interest in who they are chatting with or what they are watching. Role play with your child different situations which may take place while they are using screen time and discuss how they could tackle this. Ensure to create a balance over the holidays...perhaps use a visual timetable of what you will be doing for the rest of the week, split this up with safe screen time, creative activities, physical local activities and healthy eating. It's not easy to do this at the beginning but be tough, PARENT'S YOU CAN DO THIS!!

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